About Us

Why are we in business?

African lionWe believe that travel energizes, enriches and transforms people’s lives. We believe in providing you with unique and exciting experiences that add to your sense of joy and happiness. Encounters that become the basis for your best, and most memorable travel stories years after the trip.

How do we do it?

The way we deliver your personalized experience is through our creativity, service excellence and connections, giving us the ability to transform almost any journey into a dream trip. The goal is to give you the best blend of destination knowledge and value. We’re masters in the art of maximizing your travel time, experience and dollars. Prepare to be amazed.

Laura Kaufman, Luxury Travel Advisor

Laura KaufmanLaura’s passion for travel began at an early age and once she got a taste of globe-trotting there was no turning back! Before age 16 she had already visited each of the lower 48 states and her first international experience came by the time she was 18. After that she was totally hooked.

An art history major in college led to owning a gallery which included clients from the hospitality industry. The unique blend of her education, travel and business background perfectly positioned her for guiding custom tours of ancient art and architecture in Greece, Turkey and Egypt.

Laura stands out because she only plans trips that she would choose to take herself. The combination of her broad luxury travel experience and knowledge enables her to recommend and create ideal itineraries for clients. She puts herself in her client’s place with every recommendation and always acts as their advocate to ensure they receive the best value, service and arrangements every time.

I love listening to people’s ideas and then collaborating to create that perfect getaway, whether it is in the Americas, Europe, Africa or Asia. It is a pleasure to plan anything from a long weekend to a lengthy vacation. I work to build relationships that enhance my ability to transform my client’s travel experiences.”

Laura specializes in luxury independent itineraries and continues to travel as much as possible in order to keep her finger firmly on the pulse of current offerings and opportunities.

  • Specialties: Foreign independent travel, history, art & culture, cruises, spas, honeymoon and destination weddings
  • Recent journeys: Cuba, Iran, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Exuma Islands Bahamas, Seabourn Antarctic cruise (Buenos Aires to Valparaiso), Ecuador and Galapagos Islands, Paris, Cannes, Zurich and Geneva, Panama cruise, Cape Cod and Nantucket
  • Upcoming destinations: Ireland, Turks & Caicos, the Maldives, Sri Lanka

Michael Kaufman, Luxury Travel Advisor

Some people acquire the travel bug. Others are born with it. Michael’s wanderlust began at age six with his first bicycle. Despite his mother’s wishes he couldn’t resist exploring new and exciting places that were now within reach. That same yearning has accompanied him throughout his life.

Michael’s enthusiasm for travel is contagious and he wants his clients to live their dreams. “By listening carefully and then tapping into my knowledge, connections and love of travel, I always look to create an experience that will become a lifetime memory.” Clients know from the moment they speak with him that their satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Not only will he create beautiful memories, he will tirelessly search out the best values and experiences. “It really is a privilege to orchestrate exceptional travel experiences for our clients.

While travel remains his number one passion, it enables him to combine Michael Kaufmanhis love of bicycling, history, geography and culture as part of his experiences throughout the world. “I have enjoyed something about every country I’ve visited. Observing and interacting with people while traveling is incredibly enriching!

Relationships also play a key role in Michael’s planning process. He delights in learning what motivates clients to choose their destinations. Then he passionately develops itineraries to enhance the quality, convenience and flexibility of their travels. To ensure every detail is covered and logistics are smooth and manageable he mentally walks through the entire journey.

  • Specialties: Adventure and specialty travel, planes, trains & automobiles, including commercial and private charter
  • Recent journeys: Seabourn Antarctic cruise (Buenos Aires to Valparaiso), Exuma Islands Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas, Panama cruise, Cape Cod and Nantucket, San Diego
  • Upcoming destinations: Ireland, Turks & Caicos, the Maldives, Sri Lanka